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The famous cuisine of Gambrinus

The Gambrinus KITCHEN, considered by its guests to "5 STARS", is famous for the richness and refinement of its gastronomic proposals. The creativity of the kitchen DREAM TEAM, led by CHEF IVAN, carefully searches for the right harmony between traditional flavors and the most innovative dishes.

THREE MENUS TO CHOOSE, always including FISH AND MEAT, FABULOUS DESSERTS, and a spectacular BUFFET of APPETIZERS, very rich, to introduce the pleasures of the table: a good morning can be seen ... from the APPETIZERS!

An equally RICH BUFFET for BREAKFAST on the VERANDA, with a vast assortment of HOMEMADE CAKES, fragrant brioches, yogurt, juices, cereals ...

At meals, a well-kept TABLE SERVICE, in the name of professionalism inspired by courtesy and a smile, with the boys led by the MAITRE FABIO always very attentive and available: we at the Gambrinus are of the opinion that YOU SHOULD NOT WORK ON HOLIDAY!

For this reason we limit the self-service only to the BUFFET OF APPETIZERS: after all, we certainly cannot take away from you the pleasure of the RITUAL AROUND THE TWO-STOREY TABLE of our incredible BUFFET !!!

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